Monthly Music Picks | September

I wanted to start this little series to go though the music I’ve discovered this month, as well as my favourite oldies that I’m still loving. Here are my picks from the last month!


Cardi B | Bodak Yellow

Everyone’s talking up Cardi B at the moment and for good reason. Her single Bodak Yellow is super catchy and her whole style is reminiscent of Nicki Minaj.



DRAM | Cash Machine

DRAM is a new fav of mine recently. His style is very Chance the Rapper and Cash Machine is a great, poppy R&B tune.



FKA Twigs | Two Weeks

I have been listening to ‘Two Weeks’ non-stop lately. FKA Twigs’ voice is so beautiful. Her music is described as ethereal electronic R&B on Spotify and that is the perfect description for it. Other favourites of hers are ‘Ache’, ‘Kicks’ and ‘Video Girl’.



Frank Ocean | Chanel

I’ve loved all the singles Frank Ocean has been releasing lately, especially ‘Chanel’. The lyrics are fantastic and so is the beat.



Run The Jewels | Oh My Darling Don’t Cry

Iv’e been listening to rap duo Run The Jewels a lot recently in preparation to see them later in the year and this song always gets me pumped up. It’s fast paced with a great bass in the background.



SZA | Doves In The Wind

SZA is a new discovery for me this month. I’ve been really into chill R&B music lately and her music is perfect for that. ‘Doves In The Wind’ is a particular favourite of mine because of Kendrick Lamar’s feature. But ‘Drew Barrymore’ and ‘Go Gina’ are other great ones off the album ‘Ctrl’.



Let me know what you guys have been listening to below!

Leah x


My name is Leah and I am a fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne. I decided to start my blog mode as a creative outlet and an opportunity to do something within the fashion realm, which I have always loved. I wanted to share my styling tips and tricks, and my trips so I hope you enjoy! If you would like to contact me, send an email to x

9 thoughts on “Monthly Music Picks | September

  1. I am gonna check out Run the Jewels solely based off that album artwork! I’m throwing in my recommendation for Banks! She just released a new single called “Underdog” and the beat is so fire. I think you might like it!


  2. YASSSS!! You are like my long lost sister in music! I am loving Cardi B ( as is everyone right not but…) I love Kendrick Lamar, Future is always my go to, and some old Kevin Gates, and last but not least Chance the Rapper….. I have these songs on my workout playlist and they get me through the tough cardio LOL!


  3. Oh, where do I start? Well, a year or two ago, I’ve been very into Japanese music, sometimes J-pop, sometimes singers of anime openings, and others Neoclassical like Akiko Shikata.. I’ve also been into 50s and 60s music, and more recently I’m discovering the 80s, which also includes Italo-Disco. I know my preferences are the farthest from the ‘in’ things, but I have very specific tastes in music, you see…
    Thank you for liking my blog btw! 😉
    Tiffany xx

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    1. that is such an interesting selection, thank you for sharing! i think that’s the great thing about music though, there are so many different types for different people/moods etc. no worries 🙂


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