Stylenanda Haul

I discovered Stylenanda a couple months back and finally got around to ordering some pieces. Not only is it a great site to scroll through with beautifully taken pictures, the clothes are really unique and interesting. So I thought I’d share a few things that I picked up!


Oversized Tees

I saw these graphic tees on the site and had to pick them up. They have a fantastic relaxed fit and I love the words on them!




The brown pair are a really soft, almost fur material which I thought would be perfect for winter days at uni. And the black pants have a really interesting slit about a third of the way up both legs which I thought would be great for a night out.



Wide Fit Shirt

This shirt is a perfect staple in the wardrobe. I think a few shirts are necessary in my collection and this one was a bit different with the wide fit and asymmetrical design.




Longline Hoodie

This was definitely the weird item of the purchase. It is an incredibly longline hoodie (below my knees) and quite heavy. I envisioned it being worn with fishnets and boots so I will have to see how that goes!



I highly recommend checking out the site!

Leah x


My name is Leah and I am a fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne. I decided to start my blog mode as a creative outlet and an opportunity to do something within the fashion realm, which I have always loved. I wanted to share my styling tips and tricks, and my trips so I hope you enjoy! If you would like to contact me, send an email to x

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