Five Tips To Improve Your Style

1. Don’t pay attention to sizes

Many shoppers aren’t getting the right clothing because they’re stuck on sizing. Sizes should be used as a guide only, and if that! All brands have differing sizes so you may be an 8 in one brand and a 10 in another. Also, depending on how you want to wear something, the size you usually buy may not be what you need to make a jumper, for example, a looser knit rather than a tight top.


2. Tuck in longer tops

So many outfits are improved drastically with this little change. Any top that is a little long (ie. covering most of your butt) can be tucked into any bottom piece you choose! Tucking a top in at the front or slightly off centre gives you more shape and will elevate your look.


3. Roll up your sleeves

Rolling up the sleeves of both long and short sleeved tops changes the whole look of the top. Roll them up twice and the top will look a hundred times better!


4. Cuff your pants

Rolling up the legs of any pants improves the look drastically. Depending on the pant, rolling them up twice should do the trick and you will see the difference!


5. Add a hat

Wearing a hat can totally transform a look. Depending on what headwear you choose, your outfit takes on a whole new vibe. Adding a beanie creates a street look, a fedora can create more of a hipster look and a fiddler cap can contribute to a more boho chic look. It definitely adds an interesting element to your outfit!


Happy styling! x


My name is Leah and I am a fashion, travel, and lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne. I decided to start my blog mode as a creative outlet and an opportunity to do something within the fashion realm, which I have always loved. I wanted to share my styling tips and tricks, and my trips so I hope you enjoy! If you would like to contact me, send an email to x

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